The Dream of Joe Wyant!

It all started about thirty years ago when Joe decided he wanted to have his own deli where he could share his love of fresh sandwiches and other dishes that he enjoyed preparing. Why the name Tickle's you ask? Well that came from his other love, his wife. Her maiden name was Tickle so it just seemed right.

Joe and his creativity brought to life one of this city's most sought after celebs, “The Big Freddy”. This bigger than life sub is a whole loaf of Italian bread stuffed with Ham, Capicola, Salami, Provolone Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato. This sub can easily crush the hunger of almost any person. But not to worry if you think “The Big Freddy” isn't big enough. Tickle's also has something bigger “Two Much Freddy”. That's right, “Two”, as in a two foot French Bread that is packed with even more of the same great fillings of the original “Big Freddy” .

Today his lovely wife continues Joe's dream that is Tickle's Deli with all the great Tickle's Creations & Build Your Own Creations. The menu continues to grow and expand, so be sure to stop in and see what the Tickle's Deli Crew comes up with next.